Rory Michaels

Brand Builder & Story Seller

Rory is a story-driven marketing and public relations professional who has helped companies ranging from Guess Jeans to a local restaurant find and tell their stories.

He got his start as a speech writer and moved into the digital marketing space shortly thereafter. He has helped plan brand events for large music festivals, award season parties, and the Sundance Film Festival. He has helped pitch and place stories in the New York Times, Huffington Post and in local newsletters for clients.

He grew a non-profits digital presence by 600% after completely rebooting their digital program, worked with companies to sell some cool things through inbound marketing platforms and designed an infographic for the world’s largest bitcoin wallet provider. He’s been in meetings about hipster cats, evangelized about the need to test your message and worked with a number of engagement tool providers to enhance their toolsets.

Rory has spent the last 10 years helping non-profits and brands find and tell their stories in a way that can drive measurable growth and increase their bottom-line.